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Thread: Got a mobydick Feature Request?

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    Beitrag Got a mobydick Feature Request?

    One of the core aspects of our mobydick community is having the ability to better communicate with you, our users.

    Naturally, we want to be able to continually improve mobydick and make it a better phone system for you all. In order to be able to develop the mobydick phone system in a quicker, better and more user orientated way we most definitely need your input!

    This forum board should serve as a discussion platform for new features / functions as well as improvements and modifications to existing functions that you would like to see implemented! So please let us know, by posting in this board, what we can do better and / or which functionality you would like to have but currently don't.

    Every Feature Request posted here will be fully answered by our fully qualified moderation team.

    In this way, the forum is your direct line to the development team to support us, together with your help, in improving and developing mobydick even more

    Thank you for your support

    The pascom team
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